I'll attempt to compile all the question trigger words/phrases and their respective answers (multiple answers if applicable).

Questions and Answers
(Key:)Question (Key:)Answer

k15: 4/2-5/5-1/3-5/3-/-3/5-5/4-3/4-2/3-4/2-5/3-5/3-5/2






(From here we can begin to decrypt Key 16 )

Why am i here

What is this for

To communicate with the underground
What underground Black market traders

What black market

Who should I trade with

Garrison Butler Dogtags Cutscene

Who is Garrison Butler

Who is Knobs

Garrison Butler Personnel Card Cutscene

How do I talk to Knobs Talk to Knobs on key sixteen
What is key sixteen Only to talk to Knobs
Who are you A revolutionary
Where are you It doesnt matter
What revolution A thousand waveunit users coming together
What waveunit Its the tool for revolution
What does a waveunit do The Dangers of Radio Waves Cutscene

How do i make a waveunit

What is contraband

Bag of Waveunit Parts Cutscene
Can i build a waveunit Im not too concerned with that right now
How do i get a waveunit You should trade
What can i trade Pomegranates are valuable
Why are pomegranates valuable It depends
It depends on what If you dont want them perhaps you could trade them
Where do i get pomegranates Theyll be there when you need them
Who is Walter Lafong Walter La Fong Personnel Card Cutscene
What is Daylight The newspaper is called Daylight
What city Map Cutscene
What map Youll find out on Illumination Day
What is Illumination Day Illumination Night is Near Cutscene
When is Illumination Day March ninth
What is AMP Allied Municipal Patrol
Who is Commander Wells Commander Welles Personnel Card Cutscene
The end is just the beginning Pomegranates Cutscene



What kind

Cold onion

Cold noodles

Bowl of Noodles Cutscene
War Were at war for the truth
Who are we fighting AMP Patch Cutscene
What are we fighting for Thousand wave unit users coming together
Who is Dick Jacobs Dick Jacobs Personnel Card Cutscene
Who is Dick Jacobs Wife Eva Jacobs Family Extension Permit Cutscene
What is a family extension permit If we can bury our babies what arent we capable of
Who is Hope Hope Chatsworth Personnel Card Cutscene
What is Wire Central It is a place in our city
Who is the leader of the revolution Dr Loman
Who is Dr Loman Dr Loman Personnel Card Cutscene
Where is Dr Loman He is on the outside
On the outside of what Opera Classics Record Cutscene
Give me money Money Cutscene
Who is Sah A noodle shop
What is my purpose Join the revolution
How do i help Try your mobile device
What mobile device Check your pocket
Will I meet you Im not too concerned with that right now
Are we AMP


How do I join the revolution Schematics Cutscene
How will I be illuminated Thats for you to find out
Who is Cleveland Carr Cleveland Carr Personnel Card Cutscene
Is the weather clear It sounds like a disagreement

Show me brass knuckles

Noone has brass
What did AMP do? AMP Police Report Cutscene
What year is it? Three Pictures Cutscene
What fire? C.C. (Cleveland Carr?) Knuckleduster Scene
What is PQA? They work with AMP to monitor the electricity
I need a beer Dick Jacobs Death Cutscene
What is Skytrain? It's the City's main transportation.
How are Emerson and Dick connected? Emerson was Dicks mentor

How long will the war last?

We are fighting to end the lies
What is a knitting circle? A scheming group of elderly women
Who has buried babies Families with permission
What are the marks You are using one right now
What is this about A Tap Kit
What is a tap kit Use it to talk to people