Key Sixteen is enabled by envoking the TYPE command; either directly through Key Fifteen (k15:4/2-5/5-1/3-5/3-/-4/1-2/5-4/4-4/2-5/3-5/3-5/2) or through substituting Key Fifteen values through Key Fourteen (k14:SGAQ TLBSQQV).

Key Sixteen was derived from the response to the TYPE command; a successful type command responds with KEYBOARD ENABLED, representing 10 letters and making solving the rest of the key relatively easy. The other 15 letters can be derived by recognizing recycled phrases like "I didn't catch that" or "Command not valid".

Key Sixteen is a simple substitution cipher and is not decrypted by the Tap Kit. It is therefore unessescary to express it in tap code.

If you type "Trade Pomegranate" you put away your tapkit and are givin a wavekit then are shown a clip from Electric city.

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